Top 15 Most Followed Instagram Accounts in July 2020

Are you curious to know the list of most Instagram Followers account on the Internet? Well, Your curiosity ends here.

Firstly, I want to tell you about Instagram. Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking website which is owned by Facebook. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They launched Instagram on October 2010 for iOS version. and for the Android version released in April 2012.

You should know that Instagram have 1 billions monthly active users on the internet. It is very popular platform for influencers and entertainer to show their performance.

Let’s have a look 15 most followed Instagram account:

#1. Instagram (358.5 M)

#2. Cristiano (232.4m)

#3. Arianagrande (195.8m)

#4. therock (191.4m)

#5. Kylie Jenner (187.2m)

#6. Selena Gomez (184.4m)

#7. Kim Kardashian (181.6m)

#8. Lionel Messi (160.8m)

#9. Beyonce (151.1m)

#10. Justin Bieber (142.3m)

#11. National Geographic (141.5m)

#12. Neymarjr (139.9m)

#13. Taylorswift (137.5m)

#14. Kendall Jenner (135.1m)

#15. Jennifer Lopez (127m)

So, These were the list of most followed Instagram users on the Internet. I hope you like this information.

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